ARCHITECT_  Antonio Altarriba

COLLABORATORS_ Rosa Lafuente, Jesús Sancho-Tello, Álvaro Méndez, David López, Marta Ramón


DATE_ April 2021


The Alfinach house sits on a long plot (23 X 53,5 m), where the north-south axis is the long side, with the entrance on the short side facing south.

It is that shape of the plot and that orientation that will define the project definitively. The clients wanted to have a house with the majority of the rooms on the ground floor and conditioned by the sunlight and geometry of the site. 

Access is made at the central point, and let the access to the first floor, where we can find the study area. The rest of the rooms are arranged as a series of volumes that leave small exterior patios to allow each room to have a double orientation and cross ventilation. The set is finished off with a small spa, which is the bathroom and wet area of ​​the main room. The materiality is concrete for the porch, the masonry stone for the living room volume and the abstraction of the white multilayer cladding for the rest of the volumes.