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Between tradition and modernity

Architect  Antonio Altarriba

Collaborators_ Jesús Sancho-Tello Safont,

Sara Cais, Álvaro Méndez,  Laura Martí,  José de los Arcos, Vitoria Giovanini, Mohamed Korrir, Álvaro Núñez, Alex Chammas, Carmelo Llorente

Photography_ Diego Opazo

Date_ January 2024


Bonaterra farmhouse is a rehabilitation and expansion project of a rural orange farm.

The initial construction is rehabilitated putting in value the traditional architectural elements that we find in it, and it is extended to complete its program. It becomes the main building where the living room, kitchen, covered porch and two bedrooms are located on the upper floor.


The complex extends to the west with a new construction, which abstracts the form of the vernacular architecture in a white two-story volume that houses a laundry room and machine room, a multipurpose space and on the second floor two rooms with direct access from the lower floor.


Between these two volumes, the rehabilitated one and the new one, an open space is generated but screened by wood, joined by two stone walls made of local pebbles, becoming an open porch and being the central axis of the project.


Finally, another stone volume is built to house the farm's farm machinery.

The swimming pool is located in the central axis of the complex, collaborating to integrate another old volume that is rehabilitated to have two other rooms.

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