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Distinctive elements


Architect  Antonio Altarriba

Collaborators_ Jesús Sancho-Tello Safont,

Sara Cais, Rosa Lafuente, Álvaro Méndez, Guillem García, Laura Martí, Barbara Cánovas, Lidia Pascual, Verónica Maeso, Pablo Abad

Photography_ Diego Opazo

Date_ September 2022

This complex single-family housing project is made up of 3 buildings: main building/housing, gazebo and gym. These are arranged around the pool, which acts as a sheet of water and geometric center of the project.


The main building is divided into a day area and a night area. The night area is made up of a series of volumes with a herringbone layout, materialized with uldecona stone, where the volumes that serve as rooms face the south and the pool, while the service volumes face the north. (laundry, bathrooms). Between them, voids are left that illuminate the central passage and the lower garage, since one of them reaches the basement.


The day area is made up of a large space that includes the dining room, living room and kitchen separated by glass panels. This volume is made of exposed white concrete, with a large flight towards the south and east, forming the porches of the house. Above it appears a study-room that pierces the volume of the living room, causing a double height. Both areas rest on a Corten steel base where the garage and basement are located and are connected through a high volume where the staircase is.


The gazebo is a volume where 3 of its sides are made of glass and a quarter is made of concrete. This volume is multipurpose in both its function and its shape, since it can be configured completely open or closed, since its enclosures slide, and it has a kitchen/bathroom and a living room. Its opaque side is made of white exposed concrete and has the barbecue attached. The third building is the gym, designed as a future guest house. Arranged in the western part of the pool, but open to the east, and materialized with glass and uldecona stone.

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