ARCHITECTS _  Antonio Altarriba 

  COLLABORATORS _ David López 


  DEVELOPER _ Private

  M2 _ 334 m2

  DATE_ January 2017



The Cs House is placed on a plot in 2 levels, long but narrow, which is accessed by its north side.


As a condition of the project we had, on the north side, at a height of 3 meters above the ground level, the views of the “Sierra Calderona” mountain, while the East and West sides were occupied by other plots, leaving the south view free of obstacles.


The idea is to "occupy" the plot with a series of volumes, colonizing the plot in its longitudinal axis, being placed in such a way that all the spaces have double ventilation. This double glazing makes possible the viewing of the whole plot from the access to its final limit, where the outdoor pool is located.

The intention is to relate all spaces with each other, both externally and internally, including the basement level. That´s the reason why the volumes are distributed around a “patio” that lets the garden to enter the house, seeming to be infinite thanks to its visual relationship.


The materials used in the building are glass, limestone, and corten steel, both of them visually related by the use of a similar cutting pattern.