ARCHITECT_  Antonio Altarriba

COLLABORATORS_ Rosa Lafuente, Jesús Sancho-Tello, Álvaro Méndez, David López, Marta Ramón, Ezequiel Yunes.


DATE_ July 2021


This building of 11 tourist apartments, in the heart of Cabanyal in Valencia. The Aacess to the building is through a hallway illuminated by a patio of lights that is the central core of the building, and that acts as a distribution element for the different apartments. The distribution concept of the apartments is through a central wooden volume that houses all the static functions of a home, kitchen, bathroom, head of the bed and wardrobes, allowing the space to flow around it.

The building envelope is treated in such a way that it has a very close relationship with the environment where it lives, recovering the vertical voids of the traditional neighborhoods, covering the facade with white mortar. The locksmith seeks to stand out from the traditional balconies, breaking the rhythm in its composition.

In short, it is a very specific intervention in a traditional neighborhood of Valencia that tries to integrate with its surroundings and that, through a geometric element that is the cube, distributes the different apartments in an original way.