ARCHITECTS _  Antonio Altarriba 

COLLABORATORS _ Rosa Lafuente, David López, Marta Ramón, Jesús Sancho-Tello.

LANDSCAPE _ Inma Santamargarita .



DATE_ January 2019




The geometry of this elongated plot, with direct views of the Scorpion golf on its south west side, gave rise to the main idea of ​​this project, which is to colonize the plot on the north-south axis, by arranging a series of stacked volumes with each other and dropped, that added generate the global house.


In total there are six volumes of stone, each having a different function.


In this way, on the ground floor, the volume of double height circulation, the volume that houses the living room, the dining room and porch, and the volume destined for the guest room and toilet are arranged. On the first floor there are also three stacked and stacked with respect to the lower one, where the master room with toilet included and two other rooms that share a toilet are located.


The offset of the different volumes, its arrangement in the plan allowing the total connection of the interior with its closest surroundings, the visual relationship of the street-golf axis (north-south), the flights generated by the different pieces and the gaps between them, They were fundamental strategies to configure and enlarge this project, where by regulations of zero level upwards only 207 m2 were allowed.