ARCHITECTS _  Antonio Altarriba 

COLLABORATORS _ Carlos Rizo / Félix López / Néstor Marco / Rubén Tormo


DEVELOPER _ Grupo Veneinversiones S.L.

PLACE _Fase 3 Godella (Valencia, Spain)

M2 _ 1.429,68 m2

DATE_ November 2007 / 2010

6 isolated units were projected, which aim to renew the concept of single-family housing and which are conceived as a single entity.


Each house is accessed through a central street. The white basement volume, houses on the ground floor, the dining room-kitchen, two bedrooms and bathrooms, and the terrace with the pool; and in the basement, two more rooms with a bathroom, a common area and garage.


The distribution is done through a central opening in the axis, signaled through two courtyards, which are used to provide natural light to the central part of this body, and divide the plants into two parts, private area and public area . This volume embraces all the spaces of the building, whether interior or exterior, including among them, the pool and terraces, which are integrated with the building with the perimeter elements, which are generated as a result of eliminating large gaps to the main volume, and help control the sun over large glazed pieces. This element becomes the most dynamic element of the set, since it orients its openings towards the privileged environment, it marks the rhythm of settlement in the plot and internally, and being perforated, it allows a double height connection, allowing the lower space to flow over the superior.