Transformation of old dovecote



  Architect _  Antonio Altarriba 

  Collaborators _ David López / David Carpintero

  Photography_Diego Opazo 

  Date_ October 2015


The Lefebvre penthouse was a great challenge in the rehabilitation of an old community space to transform it into a dwelling. A French family, which was looking for a second home in Valencia, had bought this property with a great deterioration, but with a great predisposition to make a major reform and rehabilitation to make the most of all the spatial possibilities that the place offered.


It was difficult to imagine the final result to see the state in which this space was located on the top floor of a building in the heart of the city of Valencia. The last floor of a building destined to house of concierge and communal storage rooms, had become the habitat of all the pigeons of the zone.


The central part, overturned the communal patio with a thin metal railing as an element of separation, and the interior part also offered great possibilities since from that point you could see the roof of another great monument of the city of Valencia: The central market.


Really the elements were there, you just had to know how to take advantage of them and put in value the possibilities that they offered, it was a great pleasure to work on this project and be able to celebrate the end of work on the terrace eating cheese and tasting with Patrick a Chateau Martet while We saw the Miguelete under the blue sky of Valencia