ARCHITECT_  Antonio Altarriba 

COLLABORATORS _ David López /  Jose Luis Mazuecos / Carlos Rizo / Maria Salinas 


DEVELOPER _ Mediterraneo LEC S.L.

PLACE _Santa Bárbara 3A Fase, Godella (Valencia, Spain)

M2 _ 2.054,72 m2

DATE_ November 2006 / January 2009

The houses are trying to integrate into the environment through their materialization and position on the plot.


Basically they are composed of a basement that is half buried, and by two volumes clearly differentiated both by their use and by their materiality. The volume treated with white plaster and greater height, serves to house the pieces of daily use. The volume treated with the masonry stone texturing is the one that houses the night area.


With this idea a duality is generated, on the one hand, the white, abstract volume, with large openings, integrates with its surroundings through its relationship with the immediate outer space, while the heavier, textured volume of one single height and with a composition of vertical holes, it integrates with its environment through its materialization.


This duality is also evident on a larger scale, which is the housing complex. Thus in the central street you can see how the white volumes, the volumes and abstracts face the textured ground floor volumes with the masonry stone of the place.