ARCHITECT_  Antonio Altarriba 

CO-AUTHORS_ Carlos Maeso

COLLABORATORS _ Maria Salinas / Rubén Tormo


DEVELOPER _ Almassera Local Government

PLACE_ Almassera (Valencia, Spain)

M2 _ 229,90 m2

DATE_ July 2009-December 2011

The main idea is to create a building that suits its immediate surroundings, being in direct relation with the green areas around it, opening it self to the Ausias March avenue and to the green area beside, and closing out the industries at the rear of the building.

The main use of the building will be a social home for pensionists. For this reason the main area of the building is designed as a clear space which is in direct relation with the outside terrace and the colindant park.

To sum up, the aim is to create an arquitechtonic piece widely opened to its immediate enviroment where future users can enjoy the park and its surroundings.