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Interiors that transport

Architect Antonio Altarriba

Collaborators_ Jesús Sancho-Tello Safont,

Sara Cais, Álvaro Méndez,  Laura Martí,  José de los Arcos, Vitoria Giovanini, Mohamed Korrir, Álvaro Núñez, Alex Chammas, Carmelo Llorente

Photography_ Diego Opazo

Date_ January 2024


Interior architecture for this new "El Gordo y el Flaco" restaurant, in a location with an L-shaped public space geometry, where the entire perimeter is used to arrange tables and the ends to make booths.


Through a typical section from exterior to interior: slat-vegetation-indirect lighting-backrest-seat, covered with a canaletto ash board, which is composed with slats that mark the sequences of the different elements.


In the wet areas and bar, a ceramic piece framed by the same slats is used, unifying the whole and generating a background where the aim is to preserve maximum privacy for diners through lighting.


The individual lamps hang from the acoustic ceiling to mark the axes of the tables, while in the transition spaces the lighting is arranged on guides for greater freedom.

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