ARCHITECTS _  Antonio Altarriba 

COLLABORATORS _ Rosa Lafuente, David López, Álvaro Méndez, Marta Ramón, Jesús Sancho-Tello .



DATE_ October 2018


The house of the Wedge.

A small plot, almost square, fitted between three others already consolidated, with its access to the east side and one of its sides giving to the south, serve as a starting point to arrange a white volume with its edges in wedge, which sits displaced on a stone base, resulting from the intersection of both volumes a double height that connects both volumes.

It is this stone base wich serves to house the day area and the main room that is located in its appendix. All the outdoor space of the pool and terrace are treated as a unique space and incorporated into the interior, creating a total exterior-interior union.

The meeting point between the white volume and the volume of stone is where the vacuum is that relates the upper part with the lower one, and it is where the vertical circulations take place.