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The transparency of space.


 Architect_  Antonio Altarriba 

 Collaborators_ Jesús Sancho-Tello, Rosa Lafuente, Álvaro Méndez, Laura Martí, Sara Cais, Bárbara Cánovas, Álvado Núñez, Guillem García.

Photography_ Diego Opazo 

Date_ December 2022


Two concrete plans contain the day area and the night area in the shape of a "U" of this house in Campolivar, Valencia, delimited by the wood, stone, or glass enclosures. ​


Both areas lead to the pool, which becomes the nerve center of the house. This plays with the difference in height and unevenness of the terrain, becoming an infinity pool that disappears at the end of the terrace.


The transparency of the space allows to emphasize the interior exterior sensation, so that the pool and the garden form part of the interior of the house itself.


The shape of the house provides visibility of all the spaces in the house at all times, giving an image of the whole.

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