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Architect_  Antonio Altarriba 

Collaborators_ Maria Salinas  / Ruben Tormo

Photography_ Diego Opazo

Date_ May 2009

The house emerges as a series of stone volumes emerging from the mountain on which it sits. Access to the plot and to the house is through the northeast corner of the plot, the highest point. A path of granite tiles leads you to the access to the house, limited by the vegetation and the stone volumes.


This is where one of the main objectives of the project occurs, which is the contrast of the north façade, very solid and tectonic, with no openings except for the plane of the wooden door panel and ipe for access to the house, with access to the housing, which from the triple-height distributor can already see the entire view of the sea and practically the entire Gulf of Valencia.


And it is at this moment that the composition of this house is perfectly understood: compact volumes to the north and west, a façade completely open to the south and to the sea, and a less open façade to the east. In other words, it is intended at all times not to lose sight of the sea and the mountains.


The access is the virtual axis of the house, where a triple-height space inhabited by the staircase, unites all the floors of the house and distributes them from the central point, maintaining a large window on one side that prevents at all times miss the sea views.

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