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Architect_  Antonio Altarriba 

Collaborators_ David López /  Rubén Tormo

Photography_ Diego Opazo

Date_ May 2013

Commitment to the environment

Favara's house is located on the side of a mountain, on the western edge of a farm dedicated to the cultivation of avocados.


Located on the highest terrace, with magnificent views of the sea, it arises as a residential need for the owners to be able to live in the same workplace.


As it is located on land classified as common undevelopable, it does not have the usual services of urban plots. Due to this fact  y  given the commitment to the environment of the owners, the house stands as a self-sufficient element in which the design and spatial concept are very conditioned by bioclimatism and the environment, and the final configurations arise as a result of the total adaptation of the building to its environment and its autonomous condition.


Being faithful to the generating concept of bioconstruction and bioclimatism, the materialization of the spaces is carried out with load-bearing walls made of masonry extracted from the same terrace. The cover is vegetal. The rainwater is collected and stored in a well that will serve to supply the house. The fecal waters are led to natural treatment ponds, to reuse the water in the irrigation of the farm. The heating is carried out through radiators integrated into the floor that heat their circuits with a biomass boiler and the electrical energy is produced through photovoltaic panels

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