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Architect_  Antonio Altarriba & Miguel Noguera

Collaborators_ David Lopez / Jose Luis Mazuecos / Carlos Rizo

Photography_Diego Opazo

Date_ March 2007 / February 2009

The courtyard as an extension of the interior space

The starting idea was to understand the building as a small patio house, where all the interior spaces would be closed off from the immediate environment where vehicle traffic predominates, and would turn to the exterior spaces of the center. The patio had to be understood as an extension of the interior spaces, allowing and enhancing the relationship between interior and exterior.

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The center is basically distributed in two linear axes that contain the main circulations. The north-south axis, which relates the fundamental uses of the program: access, secretariat, administration, multifunctional room, dining room, kitchen, set of classrooms, and the two large patios, and the east-west axis that connects the classrooms.

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The outdoor play spaces, the north patio and the south patio, are connected to each other by a semi-covered exterior corridor, parallel to the east façade of the building. This exterior communication allows a second access to the south, for a possible collection of children from the patios themselves. The solar protection of the north patio is solved with a system of awnings that allows the coverage in its entirety. The south-facing classrooms solve the sun exposure with adjustable shutters with wooden slats

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