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The harmonious connection of inside and outside



Architect_Antonio Altarriba

Collaborators_Rosa Lafuente, Ezequiel Yunes, David López, Guillem García, Marta Ramón, Laura Martí, Sara Cais, Bárbara Cánovas, Lidia Pascual

Photography_Diego Opazo

Date_December 2021


The intention of the project is to completely connect the interior with the exterior, despite its solid image, in which the masonry walls are the ones that mark the axes and contain the different spaces. 


​The architectural language is very clear, masonry walls containing concrete slabs with wood and glass enclosures.


The interior extends to the exterior through a porch that is part of the volumes of the sloping roof, and that is limited by minimalist windows where the glass protected by the concrete flights of the imposts of the slabs predominates.


The pergola causes a very interesting game of shadows that throughout the day draw variable geometries depending on the height of the sun.


The pool is integrated with the terrace as it is clad in the same material, hat generates a very special turquoise color in the water.

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