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Architect_  Antonio Altarriba 

Collaborators_ Rosa Lafuente, David López, Jesús Sancho, Álvaro Méndez, Marta Ramon, Laura Marti

Photography_ Diego Opazo 

Date_   February 2019

Conservation of pre-existing

An old appliance store, with its warehouse at the back in the center of Xátiva, served as the setting for the transformation of this old premises into the new Xátiva notary's office.


The Xátiva Notary's Office has been an exercise in interior architecture in which we have tried to make the most of the budget we had and the pre-existing elements that were interesting.


The treatment of the store's façade consisted of recovering the rhythm of the main building's holes, and returning the original color. For the front part of the store, we eliminated all improper elements and tried to generate a continuous and fluid space, only subdivided with the slats. wood and the counter.


In the central and secondary nave, we respected the original roof, eliminating improper elements and replacing damaged elements, and we understood those old structural elements as primary containers that housed small volumes of wood inside. Rehabilitate, transform, introduce new elements that reorganize the space and are capable of putting it in value, were the fundamental principles of this project.

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