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One project, one material


Architect_  Antonio Altarriba 

Collaborators_ Rosa Lafuente / David López / Jesús Sancho-Tello / Álvaro Méndez  /Marta Ramón /Ezequiel Yunes /Guillem García

Photography_ Diego Opazo 

Date_  June 2018 / january 2019



The project consists of two boxes displaced from each other, and being sincere to its generating idea as to its materiality, there should only be one material: white concrete, but treated in a more abstract way, looking like a plastering from a certain distance.


The lower box houses the day area, all integrated into a single space, consisting of dining room, living room, kitchen, access, and a suite room. At the point where it intersects with the upper box there is a vacuum that is occupied by the staircase and a patio that connects the three heights. The upper box is for the night area. The basement has a multipurpose room, machine room, storage room and a service room with bathroom.


The displacement between volumes causes a movement in two directions, one, in the east-west direction that serves to house the parking lot, and another in the north and south direction, which is where the terrace is housed.

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