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Between tradition and modernity.


Architect_  Antonio Altarriba 

Collaborators_ Rosa Lafuente / David López / Jesús Sancho-Tello / Álvaro Méndez  /Marta Ramón

Photography_ Diego Opazo 

Date_  June 2018 / December 2019



The farmhouse is a modern village cabin located in L'Horta Nord in Valencia region, built attempting to re-interpret traditional rules of a known native typology (patio, pool and house), giving them a more suitable meaning for this century.


The building has an “L” shape, with two different floors and heights that surrounds the central piece of the complex: the patio. This main area, heart of the house, organizes and develops the day and night zones around it, providing them with light and privacy.


The project makes the most of the plot, generating continuous spaces that joins the rooms in a visual way, which where you can see both exterior and interior. The access is placed in the north-west corner where you can have a global vision through the whole house.


Including the covered pool as part of this “in and out” concept, the enclosure system allows to open it completely by adding it into the patio space.


The construction materials used are natural stone-clad for the exterior finishing, walnut tree wood, ceramic tiles for the floor and textured aluminum fences.

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