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Architect_  Antonio Altarriba 

Collaborators_ David Lopez / Maria Salinas / Ruben Tormo

Photography_ Diego Opazo

Date_ December 2013

Rehabilitation and recovery

The rehabilitation work on the building on Calle Cervantes transforms a 4-dwelling building into one, rehabilitating the facades and roofs, and redistributing the interior spaces.


It is intended to recover the old construction elements hidden behind the linings or false ceilings, putting in value all their properties that are emphasized by the contrast of the new elements or materials used.


The communication nucleus is maintained by establishing a serving band in that same bay, where the staircase-elevator-wet room is housed, which serve the open spaces of each floor, and are only divided by a stone element that does not reach the ceiling to appreciate the whole as a single space.


We have worked throughout the project with the same material for the floors and cladding, Bateig, which is a natural stone from this area. For the iroko wood carpentry for the windows, and white lacquered Dm. We have eliminated all the old suspended ceilings, and we have recovered the beautiful old wooden beams of the old wrought iron, with a white treatment. We have also recovered the brick walls.

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