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Rehabilitation and recovery



Architects_ Antonio Altarriba 

Collaborators_ David Lopez / Maria Salinas / Ruben Tormo

Photography_ Diego Opazo

Date_ December 2013

The work of rehabilitation of the old houses in the Cervantes Street, transforms a building of four apartments into one home, with the rehabilitation of its facades and roofs, and making a new distribution of the interior spaces.


In this project we try to recover the old constructive elements that are hidden behind the coatings or suspended ceilings, putting in value all their properties that are emphasized by the contrast of the new elements or materials used.


We keep the stair in his old position to generate a service band, where you can find the stair-lift-and wc. This band assists to the open spaces of each floor, and they only have a wall of stone that divides the floor and let look the total set like an only space.


We have worked in all the project with the same material for the floors and coating, the bateig, that is a natural stone of this area. For the carpentry  iroko  wood for the windows, and Dm lacquered in white. We have removed all the old suspended ceilings, and we have recovered the beautiful old wood beams of the old forged, with a white treatment. We have recovered too, the   walls of bricks.

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